Winnie the Pooh Themed First Birthday


Here is a little recap of Araylia’s Classic Winnie the Pooh Birthday Party! Read about how I pulled this off very last-minute party (talking 4 days here) and what I used for inspiration with decor links.

After what feels like a lifetime, my baby girl is officially one year old! Hello toddlerhood! Originally, I did not have anything planned other than to just take some pictures and cut a little cake since it would just be our little family of 3 (we live states away from family). But as time went on, the more I wanted to create a special memory of this milestone. How could I not! This little human did change my life after all!

Now, I wish I was one of those moms that plans their kids birthdays months in advance, but I’m not. Naturally, I started planning seriously for this mini-birthday party 4 days from the big day. Living in a small town, this means no big party stores and hoping Amazon prime would come in a clutch. I also went to Target, Hobby Lobby, 5 Below, and Walmart to search for local party decor.


The beautiful center piece that really pulled everything together was definitely the classic Winnie the Pooh backdrop. It had the classic, vintage feel I was going for and it actually turned out to be larger than I thought (that was a plus for me!) The gold “one” balloon was a last minute addition that really curated the space.

This bee themed highchair banner had to be one of my favorites that we used to decorate the small table. The pastel colors combined with the cute patterns and hanging greenery really made the pictures pop and blended perfectly into the overall theme! To keep the classic look going, I ordered these unique paper plates and got bee themed napkins at Hobby Lobby. I also created little jars of “honey” that contained whip cream and edible cake beads. I totally forgot about this decoration to the very end which is why it lacked creativity for what dessert to hold, but it still deserved a spot on the table!

If you didn’t know Araylia was turning one by now, I made it extra clear by stacking up these O-N-E boxes.

DIY Balloon Garland

The balloon garland came out better than I could have ever hoped for. Being my first time creating one, I was nervous. But with some help from family and guidance from YouTube, it came out amazing.

Originally, I was going for a pastel color scheme just like these inspo pics from Pinterest. I didn’t want to spend a fortune on balloons and didn’t have the time to order on any website so I went to my local Walmart, Target and Hobby Lobby. I honestly LOVE how it came out since the colors really brightened the space up. The metallic teal balloons were a final touch and just added more depth to the garland. A balloon pump will make setting up the garland so much easier! If you plan on DIY’ing for future parties, I recommend it.

$12 Cake

What’s a party without cake? Since I knew it would be a very small family gathering, I didn’t want to spend so much on a fancy cake (not that I had the time anyway) and I did not want to stress myself out by adding baking a cake to my list of responsibilities.

My solution? I bought a $12 single tiered cake from Walmart with yellow and red icing. I bought edible bee decor and added black dashes of icing to portray the bees pathway. Not a Pinterest cake by any means, but an affordable one for sure! I was only able to take a picture of the initial smash aftermath, but you get the idea.

Overall we all had a great time and I am so thankful I got to celebrate my little girls first birthday!

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