Refreshing For Spring 2023

Spring is all about new beginnings, fresh starts and new growth.  It’s the season to grow and bloom your plants, your home and yourself. Spring technically started a month ago, but now is when I am starting to feel the warm weather, see the pops of color out outside, and see more movement from families outside. With spring in full motion, I wanted to share some ways to refresh for spring. You can watch the video to see my refresh in action!

Spring is finally here and truth be told, my home and my life both need a little refresh and restart. What better time for a refresh than the spring cleaning season?

I wanted to share some ways I will be refreshing for Spring and hopefully inspiring you as well. Keep in mind that not everything is going to get done in one day. Spread your to-do list throughout the week so you don’t overwhelm yourself and turn the spring refresh into a negative process.


Up first on my spring refresh, I started with creating a mini patio garden in my patio. I have never grown anything in my life, so this was really exciting! We headed to our local Lowe’s Garden Center and picked up various herbs to include cilantro, parsley, tomatoes, peppers and even some catnip for my little fury kids. I purchased a couple of large containers and got to work. I of course had my little helper come in and join us in the process.

I had to look up various videos on YouTube and blogs on how to start a small container garden to get started, but it was honestly so much fun! Involving my toddler in the process truly makes the experience even better as we learn to garden and grow together.

Spring Nails

I honestly do not get my nails done often anymore, but doing my nails to a new season and warm weather sounded like fun. Instead of heading to the salon, I saved a few bucks and decided to DIY my own spring nails. I have never done a nail design before so it was a learning process! I chose to go with a lemon inspired spring nail set and tried my best.

I used 3 colors: yellow, green and white. This nail design did take me quite a while (2 hours?) between waiting for the nails to dry, messing them up and having to redo them and just trying to go slow to not mess it up. I was working with short nails so it felt like I had even less space to get the art across!

I was very proud of my nails! According to my husband, he had no idea what he was looking at until I told him they were lemons but I am still damn proud of them.

Cleaning. Lots of it.

What is a Spring refresh without some Spring cleaning? This week, I prioritized the main living spaces which were the kitchen, living room area, bedrooms and bathrooms. I also finally got around to decluttering my closet! This task has been on my to do list for months now and the way my closet was looking, it was time. My closet did a full 180 with clothes and shoes laying on the ground to having a clear walk way and almost no clothes on the racks ( my going out, nicer clothes). Now when I say I have no clothes to wear, I can visually see I don’t have any and am in need of a shopping spree hehe.


Listen, I know baking has nothing to do with spring cleaning. But it also as everything to do with a fresh new aroma to welcome a new season. I baked a lemon blueberry pound cake following tis recipe from scratch and using fresh blueberries! The pound cake came out delicious but I mistakenly used granulated sugar instead of powdered sugar for the frosting and it was WAY too sugary. After cutting out the pieces of bread that made contact with the icing, it was totally edible again.


Now that the weather is starting to warm up, it is so important to go outside and get some fresh air. Its amazing what some vitamin D will do to change your mood! I love going on hour long walks with my daughter and we always stop by the neighborhood lake to walk down the hill, collect rocks and throw them in the water. Its a bonus that we always do this before dinner time so that it tires her out for the upcoming bed routine!

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